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The strong association between the two traits may not be explained solely by the common developmental pathways.
This set of equations shows a coupled relation that one side wheel velocity is not solely dependent on its wheel torque.
When conceptualising managerial care, it is therefore important that it is not seen as solely arranging formal services.
The problem arose in terms of spontaneity and fluidity of expression when using solely pre-determined synthesis interfaces and functional algorithms to generate sound.
In our view, an ontology of product knowledge cannot be solely judged by its expressive power in the formal sense.
Housing projects creating new – either public or collective – outdoor spaces need not be approached as solely defensive and exclusive enterprises.
The contract between the giver and the receiver endures across generations, across exchanges, and is not solely an economic act.
Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the awarding agencies.
Identification of the cause of outbreaks should not be based solely on case-control studies conducted after the press has reported the outbreak.
A darker view of guidelines sees them as instruments of control of medical practice by uncaring administrators concerned solely with cost reduction (4;7).
Ideally, residuals consist solely of random variation, but they may also reveal other systematic variation.

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Success is considered to depend not solely on quantity of input and time, but also on a range of qualitative processes.
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