900+ Levi Ackerman Ideas In 2021, Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan: 10 Times Levi Ackerman Earned The Viewers' Respect (In Chronological Order) Levi Ackerman is one of the most popular characters in Attack on Titan, regarded highly both in the show by his comrades and by fans.

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Levi Ackerman, often referred to as Captain Levi, is the expressionless and nonchalant captain of the Special Operations Squad, an elite squad of soldiers within the Survey Corps. He is highly respected amongst his peers and subordinates and is dubbed by the masses as humanity”s greatest soldier due to his formidable strength and notable achievements – including boasting the highest Titan kill count of the entire Attack on Titan series.

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In addition to his popularity in the Attack on Titan universe, he”s a fan-favorite who consistently tops the majority of popularity polls.

levi ackerman
Although Levi technically made his first brief appearance during episode 4 of the Attack on Titan anime, his real introduction came in episode 9 when a member of the Survey Corps proclaimed while being devoured by a Titan that all Titans would one day fall to Captain Levi. Within seconds, Levi swooped in and cut the Titan”s nape, then insulted and effortlessly killed two more.

9 Levi”s Need For Cleanliness Showcased Another Side To Him

It”s generally assumed that Levi requires a clean environment because of the unhygienic living conditions he dealt with when he lived in the underground city. Viewers were first introduced to his germ-free needs when he famously appeared wearing a face mask and cloth wrapped around his hair after he pushed open a pair of shutters. Fans have since enjoyed multiple scenes involving this endearing characteristic.

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Plot to capture the Female Titan _ Attack on Titan
While the Female Titan attempted to pursue Eren and the rest of the Special Operations Squad, many of their comrades died trying to stop her. Eren watched in dismay and couldn”t bear losing any more soldiers, so he decided to take matters into his own hands by transforming into a Titan. However, he was stopped by the rest of the Squad who begged him to believe in Captain Levi”s orders.

Levi intervened and told Eren to make a choice – he could either believe in himself or the soldiers of the Survey Corps. Thanks to the words of his comrades, Eren chose to put his trust in his team.

7 Levi”s Signature Spin Move Made Its Debut Against The Female Titan

Levi chases after the Female titan
Levi and Mikasa teamed up to retrieve Eren after he was captured by the Female Titan, and the fight exceeded expectations. While Mikasa worked as a distraction, Levi launched an incredible attack, using his signature spin move to successfully take the Female Titan down. Mikasa noted that the Titan didn”t have time to harden its skin as Levi”s attacks were too fast.

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Although Levi broke his leg after Mikasa made a reckless decision to finish off the Female Titan, he still managed to successfully save Eren.

During Attack on Titan“s third season, fans quickly understood that the Survey Corps would be facing more than mindless giants.

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After Kenny mercilessly killed Nifa, Levi found himself at war with both his estranged uncle and members of the First Interior Squad from the Military Police Brigade. The entire battle truly showcased Levi”s quick thinking and unrivaled defensive abilities, and viewers watched in awe as he single-handedly fought off multiple enemies at once.

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5 Levi Proved How Much He Cared About Erwin When He Asked Him To Stay Behind

Before the gang set out to retake Wall Maria, Levi tried his best to stop Erwin from joining the mission. Having already lost an arm by this point, Erwin was in no condition to undertake this dangerous task.

Levi told Erwin that if he stayed behind, he would tell the others that he argued with Erwin until he gave in, because if Erwin died on the battlefield, humanity would suffer a great loss in their ongoing fight against the Titans. Although Erwin denied the proposal, this touching moment showed viewers Levi”s loyalty towards his superior and friend.

4 Levi”s First Battle Against The Beast Titan Became One Of The Greatest Moments Of The Entire Series

The rivalry between Levi and the Beast Titan, aka Zeke Yeager, is legendary within the Attack on Titan community. During the mission to retake Wall Maria, the Beast Titan brutally wiped out the majority of the Survey Corps. After his attack, he paused for a moment and noticed that his surrounding Titans had fallen, and shortly after, he was ambushed by Levi. Despite the Beast Titan”s attempts to win, Levi”s strength and speed proved far too great, and Zeke lost within a matter of minutes.

3 Levi Left Viewers Speechless When He Chose To Save Armin Over Erwin

Watching Levi choose between saving either Erwin or Armin became one of the most heartbreaking moments in Attack on Titan history. Levi was seconds away from using the injection on Armin before Floch arrived carrying Erwin on his back. With both on the brink of death, Levi made the initial decision to save Erwin and told a devastated Eren and Mikasa that this was the best choice for humanity.

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Eren pleaded with Levi, insisting that Armin had proved his capability to lead multiple times. Once Hange took them away, Levi moved towards Erwin to inject him, but Erwin unconsciously slapped the injection out of Levi”s hand and began hallucinating. At this moment, Levi decided that allowing Erwin to survive would be an insult to his decision to die against the Beast Titan. To prevent Erwin from having to live in their gruesome world any longer, Levi chose to save Armin instead.

Fans waited 6 years to find out what Grisha Yeager was hiding in the basement. After the gang won the battle to retake Wall Maria, Eren, Mikasa, Hange, and Levi headed towards Eren”s childhood home to finally discover the truth.

Once they reached the door of the basement, Eren”s key wouldn”t work, and without a moment of hesitation, Levi took it upon himself to kick the door down. Clearly, he wasn”t in the mood to wait around any longer.

1 Levi”s Forest Battle With The Beast Titan Was Just As Legendary As Their First Fight

In addition to being tasked with guarding his mortal enemy, Levi was the first to experience Zeke”s betrayal. After Zeke used his scream to turn every soldier who drank the wine spiked with his spinal fluid into a Pure Titan, Levi made the devastating decision to kill his fellow comrades.

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When Levi caught up with Zeke, he took him down using several Thunder Spears, proving once again that the legendary Beast Titan is no match for the greatest soldier on the planet.

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