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An interpretation by actors or musicians is the expression by their performance of their understanding of the part or parts they are playing:
Moreover, the absence of crucial statistical evidence, such as significance tests, may lead to unwarranted interpretations, with unfortunate consequences.
The more indefinite a candidate is, the fewer limitations he/she has to various interpretations by a socially and ethnically diversified citizenry.
As for the definition of internalization, hecht contrasts literal and abstract interpretations, but acknowledges that these are actually two ends of a continuous spectrum.
However, it questions some of the assumptions on which the studies are based and consequently some of the interpretations of the data.
How would that influence our interpretations of these models or how we build robots/ simulations to test them?
Both interlocutors are therefore making important choices about alternative forms and interpretations.
Restricting usage in this way allows dialogue participants to assume quite specific unambiguous interpretations for expressions.
An evidence calculus provides the basis for combining collected evidence to produce final interpretations.
Of course, interpretations of modulations and distributional effects are only discussed based on statistical results (normalized data).
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Các từ thường được sử dụng cùng với interpretation.

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These combined with the changes in extracellular volume are fundamental to understanding the kidney and for the accurate interpretation of serological measurements in pregnant women.
I would assert that this alternative interpretation provides a better way to read the central claim of purpose theory.

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Taken together, the evidence strongly supports our broad interpretation of what counts as an event feature.
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a type of dancing where carefully organized movements tell a story or express an idea, or a theatre work that uses this type of dancing

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