Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 3 Unit 10: What do you do at breaktime – Lesson 2 |

Warm upSing My new pen

1. Look, listen and repeat.

Ask Ss to identify the characters in the picture a, b on page 64 and what they are saying.

Set the scene “you are going to listen to Mai and Linda and Phong ask and answer questions about break time activities.

Play the recording and asks Ss to listen to the tape.

T asks Ss to listen and repeat in chorus two times.

Call on one pair. One repeats Peter’s part, the other repeats Nam’s part.

Have whole class repeat all the phrases a few times to reinforce their pronunciation. And do the same with the dialogue between Linda and Mai

2. Point and say

– Have pupils look at pictures on Page 12. Elicit the characters in the pictures and their names.

Teach vocabulary:

Play at break time

Badminton football

Basketball chess

Table tennis do

check vocab: what and where

Model sentence: What do you do at break time?

I play football.

Ask pupils to guess and complete the speech bubbles.

– Model: Call on a pair. Allocate the parts of the characters Mai and Nam to the pupils. Ask them to point the pictures and act out the dialogues. Using the pictures in their books. Monitor the activity and offer help. Correct pronunciation errors (stress, assimilation of sounds, intonation) when necessary.

– Call on some pairs to perform their task at the front of the class. The rest of the class observe and give comments.


– Have the whole class repeat all the phrases in chorus to reinforce their pronunciation.

Let’s Talk

Ask students to look at the pictures in the book. Ask them to identify the characters in the pictures.

Ask Ss work in pairs. Call some pairs to act out

Correct their pronunciation


Summary the lesson


– Do exercises in workbook, learn by heart the new words

Sing the song

Look at the pictures in the book

Listen and repeat

Look and find out the model sentences

Point the pictures and practice

Practice in pairs

Do exercises in the workbook

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