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the act of exchanging information and opinions about something in order to reach a better understanding of it or to make a decision, or a meeting for this purpose:
A consultation is also a meeting with a doctor who is specially trained to give advice to you or other doctors about an illness or its treatment:
She overcame resistance to her products with innovative offers, including free consultations and a money-back guarantee.

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a discussion with someone about something that you are planning, in order to get their opinion or advice:
consultation with sb They adopted the rules this summer after months of consultation with their lawyers.
However, self-care health advice was not absent, being briefly referred to at the end of their consultations.
Patients appear through any of these services and additionally there are emergency referrals from general hospitals in the area and also domiciliary consultations.
They were asked to indicate whether they usually made each intervention in consultations with patients who meet specified criteria.
Thirdly, the exclusion of data on out-of-hours consultations and child health clinic consultations is also a limitation.
However, consultations solely for blood taking, wound dressing, and immunisations were excluded as practice nurse provision of these services changed considerably during the study.
The data suggest that people require health professionals to followup their consultations with the provision of written material containing the same factual material.
Accordingly, the nurse practitioners reported feeling at ease during these consultations, with no pressure to provide a specific medical treatment, such as antibiotics.
Overall prescribing rates in this study of 80 per 100 consultations (including items other than antibiotics) are comparable with those published in the literature.
Annual palliative care consultations for patients who subsequently died in the hospital were retrieved.

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