Nghĩa Của Từ Bumper Là Gì ? Nghĩa Của Từ Bumper Trong Tiếng Việt

a horizontal bar along the lower front and lower back part of a motor vehicle to help protect it if there is an accident

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a bar at the front and back of the body of a motor vehicle that keeps it from being damaged when hit
Rules 29 and 52 insert upper front bumpers; the former has a connected horizontal line, and the latter has a disconnected horizontal line.
Electroplating a layer of chromium on steel is used to protect some objects from rusting, for example car bumpers and bicycle handlebars.
Also, in addition to assigning a damage assessment to the overall vehicle, we will assign individual damage assessments to parts of the vehicle, such as the wheels and bumpers.
To prevent high impact forces, the bumper is covered with soft material and the manipulator joint velocities are low.
Adverse weather can lead to a dramatic reduction in supply; good weather conditions in contrast can result in bumper harvests for producers.
A group of teenagers were browsing through the bumper stickers, stopping the spinning display to pick out various ones and laughing at their contents.
The professionals want “bumper booty”; this alliteration makes the runners sound greedy and grasping.
The poor harvest of 2001-02, which triggered the most recent famine, had been preceded by a bumper harvest.

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