Baseline Là Gì – Project Baseline (Đường Cơ Sở Của Dự Án)

a line on a sports field, such as the one in tennis, that marks the end of the playing area, or the one in baseball that marks the path along which players run:

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an amount of money or a number that is used to compare other amounts of money or numbers to, especially as a way of measuring whether they have increased or decreased:
a minimum level of quality, safety, etc. that is considered to be necessary in a particular situation:
baseline for sth Europe”s steelmakers have proposed a system that sets a baseline for carbon efficiency.

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In 256 simulation runs, the baselines of the interferograms 1 and 2 are varied from 0 m to 400 m each.
Optical densities were calculated against corresponding baselines, displayed on the computer monitor separately for each of the two scan directions 0polarizations, and stored on the computer hard disk.
Because of the high frequency of no-blf in the corpus, the baselines for blf-classification become much higher in comparison to the average relative frequency of 1/10 = 10%.
Since then the money has been built into health authorities” recurrent revenue baselines and is no longer centrally earmarked for waiting list initiatives.
The research programme will establish the hard baselines against which we can better measure our progress and success.
We are currently undergoing an environmental audit which will set baselines against which individual recycling targets may be set.
We have chosen this distance because it is within six miles from baselines that almost all the static gear fishing is carried out.
More limited jurisdictions can be claimed in a region up to 200 nautical miles from those baselines.
In particular, it provides for special rules for an archipelagic sea lanes passage for drawing baselines.
Will he now admit that his search for those two goals has been fatally undermined by his failure to publish the foreign policy baselines?
Was it wise to keep secret the foreign policy baselines, while claiming that this was the most open policy review ever?
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Các từ thường được sử dụng cùng với baseline.

This type served as the baseline condition against which the following sentence types were compared.

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In addition, because the present data represent the participants” baseline data function, they are an important benchmark of behavior and neural processing during institutionalization.
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(someone who has) a natural ability to be good at something, especially without being taught

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