Arrowverse: The 10 Saddest Things About Barry Allen (Arrowverse)

Arrowverse: The 10 Saddest Things About Barry Allen In the Flash, Barry does his best to stay optimistic but he has faced multiple crises, problems, and losses that would bring down many people.

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Some people might believe that superheroes lead the perfect lives… but that”s not always the case. Barry Allen aka the Flash could speak volumes about this. Barry does his best to stay optimistic but he has faced multiple crises, problems, and losses that would bring down many people.

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Luckily, he still has his friends and family to rely on, but they”re also the things that make him even more vulnerable. In the end, even though The Flash is a more optimistic show than its predecessor Arrow, it still doesn”t spare its heroes from suffering. As a result, there are plenty of sad things about Barry and his life.

Flash Season 2 Barry Patty Kiss
This might not seem like such a big deal, considering Barry ends up married (mostly) happily to Iris. Still, his previous failed relationships – with Linda Park and mostly with Patty Spivot – were hard on Barry while he went through them.

Barry is a person who loves people deeply so even though he wasn”t over Iris when he dated Patty, he still liked her and the break-up wasn”t an easy thing for him. Even though it was largely Barry”s fault since he kept his superhero identity secret from Patty and lied to her.

9 Losing His Speed

The Flash Barry Nora Running
Barry”s speed isn”t the only thing that makes him the person he is – but it still plays a major role in his life. It gives him the chance to protect people. So when Barry lost his speed – and not just once, multiple times – it was never easy for him because it felt like giving up a cherished part of his personality, his being. Barry lost his speed when Zoom stole it from him, and once again when the Speed Force died and Barry was running on fumes.

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Zoom The Flash CW
To be fair, Barry doesn”t always make the best decisions either. For example, his meddling with time created the Flashpoint and it resulted in Cisco”s brother Dante dying. However, considering how attached Barry is to his friends, it”s still a blow every time they betray him.

His mentor and friend Harrison Wells turned out to be the evil speedster Reverse-Flash. Jay Garrick turned out to be the evil speedster Zoom. Caitlin Snow tried to kill Barry when she turned into Killer Frost. And the list goes on. It”s no wonder Barry has trust issues sometimes.

7 Losing His Mom

Barry Allen is with Nora when she dies The Flash
One of the saddest things that ever happened to Barry, one that formed all his future life, was the loss of his mom, Nora, when Barry was just a kid. All fans of the show will know that Barry watched Nora get murdered by the Reverse-Flash and he was unable to stop it.

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Even when he tried to go back in time and change what happened, he was still unable to do it and his mom stayed gone.

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Losing his mom would be bad enough but Barry also had to grow up without his dad. They accused him of murdering Nora and he ended up imprisoned for many years. Barry fought to get his dad out of the prison but since it took him many years to learn who really killed Nora, he couldn”t do it. Joe was a great stepfather to Barry but Barry still suffered when he wasn”t able to live with him.

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5 And Then Losing Him For Good

However, even Barry got what he wanted when they released his dad from prison. Barry”s happiness wouldn”t last long, though. Henry didn”t get to enjoy his newfound freedom since Zoom eventually killed him in front of Barry – who was once again unable to stop his parent from getting murdered.

Speaking of people dying in front of Barry, another traumatic, sad experience for both him and Iris was their daughter Nora”s disappearance. Nora was erased from existence and her parents were unable to stop it from happening.

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At least unlike with other characters, it”s more than possible that Nora could be born in the future. However, that still doesn”t erase the shock Barry and Iris experienced at seeing their daughter die.

3 Losing His Friends

With how many people Barry lost, it”s a small miracle he still manages to retain his optimism. Barry has not also witnessed his family died but also his friends. The most notable examples include H.R. Wells who sacrificed his life to save Iris from Savitar.

And, of course, there”s also Oliver Queen”s death. Despite the differences in their characters, Oliver and Barry were good friends so when Oliver sacrificed himself to save Barry and Kara, it was a sad and difficult moment for the speedster.

Whether the show”s fans ship them or not, there”s no denying that Barry and Iris are the ultimate OTP couple and without them, The Flash wouldn”t be the same. So when they finally married, they were both happy but it wouldn”t last long.

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Eva McCulloch trapped Iris behind the mirror, and the married couple was separated. Both Barry and Iris took the separation hard. It drove Barry so crazy he even experimented on himself (raising his intelligence) and risked his friendships with the rest of the team Flash, as well as Kamila”s and Singh”s lives.

1 He Was Bullied

Finally, there”s also the thing some fans might have already forgotten – and that”s the fact that Barry was bullied as a child. He wasn”t strong so other boys picked on him and made his school time difficult, if not miserable.

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Barry met one of his bullies years later when he was already the Flash and got the sweet satisfaction of punching him. But despite that and Barry overcoming the challenges, bullying is something no child deserves to go through.

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